Adulting is not easy.


Balancing it all is one of life’s greatest challenges.

Isn’t it?

So I’m a mom.

And a wife.

And a career woman.

I also have family and friends who I am very close to (in proximity…I mean I did grow up in this area) and as in they are close in my heart too.

Sometimes I juggle it all like a champ. In fact usually, I take on this busy, responsible life of mine and I am the champion.

Then there are weekends like the one a couple weeks ago where I just pretty much couldn’t even…

And the result was staying home on Monday and watching movies with a sick kid. I had grand plans of at least cleaning my house while home, but what’s that saying about the best laid plans…

The weekend started out pretty good.

I even wore my new Bill Nye sweatshirt to school on Friday and if that doesn’t make one’s day, then I don’t know what would!

After work, I drove to the mall to buy an outfit for my husbands work party. It was a big deal, so I wanted something new.

I found the best over the knee boots to go with a cute dress I found at Nordstrom (on sale of course).

I even stopped at Cinnabon for the husband because there’s this sort of rule that if you go to the mall you just come home with Cinnabon. And I picked up some wings at B-dubs for the boy.

I was a champ that day.

Saturday, I continued in the swing of things. Dropped the boy off at my Dad’s so he could take him to basketball and I headed to a baby shower. Check, check!

After the shower, I raced home to meet the hubby so that we could get down to Seattle. He had to do some set up for the party. He’s kind of a big deal…not to brag…well, okay just a little bit. You know, NOT in an obnoxious way. Insert cheesy smile emoji. I’m just super proud of him.

It was around this time our daughter started texting saying she wasn’t feeling well. I figured she was just tired and it would pass once she got to her soccer game.


She progressively got worse, but the party was in full swing and my husband was about to present awards. I wanted to be there to support him. And I wanted to be home doing the mom thing.

We continued to text back and forth and she was scared and upset and miserable and I was in Seattle at a party. And my husband was kicking butt doing the boss/leader thing.

Ugh. Talk about “the struggle is real”.

I knew she’d be fine. She is 18 now. But I just don’t think that need to be there when your kids are sick fades.


So we all stayed home on Monday. I even let the non-sick kid stay home (he had to do chores and homework). But still.

I didn’t adult that day. I laid in my bed with my pretty much adult daughter and watched movies all day.

Sometimes the balancing act catches up and you can’t be a rockstar.

Sometimes being a supermom isn’t getting them to all their sporting events, buying the best supplies for their projects, the coolest shoes, or washing the whites in a timely manner.

I’d add cooking the most delicious meals, but let’s not pretend I do that. You want a grilled cheese, I got you. You want something else, you’re on your own.

Sometimes being a supermom is just fever checks, pushing liquids, a run to the store for 7up and soup and snuggles in bed with the sick kiddo.

I give you all permission to suck at adulting once in a while.

We all know I do it on a regular basis…

But I’m still a kind, loving, hard-working decent human being.

Oh and I’m getting pretty good at adventuring.

Thanks friends for listening. Or reading. Or whatever.

4 thoughts on “Adulting is not easy.

  1. Leslie Faxon says:

    Thanks again for sharing. I agree that need to be there when your kid is sick never fades. I had to drive clear to Moscow, Idaho one time because of sick kiddo. Also, like that sometimes you need time to just BE.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Angie says:

      I’m sure I will do the same! Can’t believe I’ll have one off to a university so soon! Miss you and thank you always for your positive happy thoughts! Just one of the things that makes you such a beautiful person!


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