#19 Milk a Cow


For a person who lives in a rural town surrounded by dairy farms, you’d think this would have already been accomplished.

But no.

And if you know me at all then you know that farm and Angie don’t belong in the same sentence.

There are several reasons for this:

1. Animals kind of freak me out. Like I sort of kind of love them from a distance.

2. I’m a germaphobe. Like all that poop and pee and animal stuff. Ewwww.

3. It smells (and so did I according to the husband when I got home).

And yes I know that I am science teacher. I’m fine with being a walking contradiction.

In fact, “milk a cow” made the list more as a joke than anything.

You know, “Hey, how about milk a cow…bahahaha…ya right!”

But I’m a good sport. So when Bethany and I had this conversation way back when all this crazy talk about adventures started, I wrote it down. Never intending to really milk a cow.

It wasn’t until lunch on Tuesday, when I said “quick I need an adventure before Friday” to my friend Kathy. I opened up my list of potential adventures and started spouting off ideas.

Me: Spontaneous jump in a lake?

Kathy: No…too cold.

Me: Hot yoga?

Kathy: Too hot. Besides have you done regular yoga?

Me: No

Kathy: You might want to start with that first.

Me: Milk a cow…bahahaha!

Kathy: Yes!!!!! I can help you with that one! Tonight!

Me: Ummm…I was joking.

Kathy: No I’m serious…Taylor’s job is working at the dairy farm by our house. So come over tonight and we’ll do this.

Me: uhhh…(frantically thinking of an excuse). I can’t. I have a dentist appointment.

Kathy: After your dentist appointment, you’re coming to my house and we’re doing this!

Me: Ugh. Ok.


And yes…I wrapped that adventure up with hand sanitizer. A lot of it.

Thanks Kathy, Bob, Taylor and the farmer who owns the farm. And thank you cows for your cooperation and for not pooping or peeing or kicking me.

Here’s a little video:

Until next time,

Adventure awaits…

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