Meet Bill Nye and Selfie in Space

DSC_0338I know, I know…ambitious. I hear you. I get it.

So what.

Why not be ambitious? Why not reach for the stars? Why not dream big? Why not…

Okay enough with the clichés.

I taught 5th grade for 9 years and absolutely loved it. I taught with amazing people and met so many wonderful kids and their families. The first year I had to teach science in the classroom was an eye opener. We moved from a specialist one day a week…to classroom teachers teaching it daily. This was much needed. Seriously how did we expect our students to compete in the world while only doing 45 minutes of science a week. This was a shock to many teachers whose background did not include a formal science education (including me).

I’ve always loved science. I’ve always questioned everything. Ask my parents. Or my husband. Or just listen to my son. If you’ve ever worked with him, you know what I’m talking about.

That first year of teaching science, my students bombed the state testing. Of course discussing state testing prompts a whole different conversation, but I’ll just say this: These tests are snapshots of learning. Not the end all, be all.

Anyway, they bombed. So sparked my determination to do better. Which then turned into an obsession with science. See, I evolve.

Here we are now. I moved up to the middle school, so I could teach science ALL DAY LONG. It’s amazing. I get to nerd out every day.

In our prep room is a video library. I’m pretty sure we have every Bill Nye video. So they might be a little outdated. Think about the clothes and hairstyles of the 1990’s…but the science is there. Bill Nye is entertaining and the videos grab the kids’ attention.

Here’s the thing, he is still relevant. Search climate change. He’s not afraid to challenge people. He’s “harnessing science to change the world”. I agree Bill, science rules.

So I’d like to meet him.

Maybe he’d like to go to space too. We could meet on the International Space Station and take that selfie together.

Okay…taking a selfie in space is out there (literally) See what I did there? I crack myself up.

The first four months of 6th grade science is all about Earth and Space. We learn about things beyond our planet. It’s fascinating. There is so much possibility out there.

 NASA is building their Space Launch System. In 2025 they plan to send humans to an asteroid and by the 2030’s to Mars. The Explorer Mission I is planned to launch in 2018. That’s close people.

My selfie in space is just my way of expressing possibility. When I grow up I want to be an astronaut. Reach for the stars. Never say never.

Why not?

One thought on “Meet Bill Nye and Selfie in Space

  1. Leslie Faxon says:

    Being ambitious is fabulous! It drives humans to create a better world and to the explore the universe. Being ambitious helps us to keep learning new things, and for me that keeps us young at heart and in spirit. Thank you, Angie, for sharing your dreams and ambitions, asking questions, and inspiring young people to love science. You totally rock, and I don’t mean in an igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary way.

    Liked by 1 person

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