#16 Drunk Painting

Just kidding.

We weren’t drunk.

I only had one glass of wine.

That title was just better than “Paint and Pour” or “Canvas Painting”.

And who ever came up with the idea? Painting while enjoying adult beverages is kind of difficult. Not only is the paintbrush hard to hold steady the more alcohol one consumes, there is hardly even enough time to take a sip.

This canvas painting thing is serious work and requires a lot of focus.

Or maybe the beverages are to relax you so that you don’t care how your masterpiece turns out.

Whatever the logic or one’s particular approach…it was a blast!

I love these people who say yes every time I come up with a new crazy idea for an adventure.

Voni had been to a couple of these events. I’ve seen lots of photos posted by people who attend canvas painting sessions, but I’d never attended. Neither had Rachel.

I’m not an artist or a painter, so naturally this terrified me. But this is the year of stepping out of my comfort zone to try new things.

So when I saw a local event at a super cool brewery by a super cool art studio. I signed my adventurous self up and, of course, talked friends into joining me. And as a bonus, we ran into Amy and Chelsea!

Below is a photo journey of our adventure:


This adventure was definitely a winner!

Until next time,

Adventure awaits…

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