#24 Naked Face

I’ve been living it up with health and wellness adventures…

Hot yoga last week and my first ever facial this week.

How have I NOT had one of these bad boys yet?


I’m not even joking.

When I started this list, I must have mentioned never having had a facial.

Next thing you know my adventure buddy Bethany gave me a gift certificate for my last birthday in my 30’s. 

I arrived at Skin Savvy salon and was eagerly anticipating this venture into the unknown.

I chatted it up with Lisa. She’s ever so friendly and her skin is amazing. I guess that’s probably important for an esthetician.

I got all set up in the room and climbed into the warm blankets on the table/bed thing. 

It was then that I realized, I’ve really been missing out.

I had the age-intervention facial. I have no idea what all the steps were but it was glorious and so relaxing. I didn’t even mind the tingling glycolic acid treatment or the extractions. Those were satisfyingly painful. You know because those pores were getting all sorts of cleaned out and my wrinkles were going to be vanishing any second.

If you’re from my little big town and you want glowing skin or hair ripped off your various body parts, you should pay this salon a visit. Lisa knows her stuff.

After I left, the real adventure began.

I had to go to Costco.

Without makeup.


When did I decide that I couldn’t go in public without makeup?

My husband says all the time, you look better without all that bleep on your face anyway. 



But in this year of trying new things and challenging myself, I figured what the heck. Costco can handle my naked face.

And I could handle it too.

When did it become a thing that I would feel insecure unless my face is fully decorated?

I’m not sure when it began, but I hardly ever leave home without makeup. I even wore it for hot yoga, my spartan race and my 10k. 

Ridiculous. I know.

You know what though? That Costco trip wasn’t so bad. It was even a little freeing. Something as simple as going grocery shopping without my liquid eyeliner (yes I started wearing makeup in the 90s) and mascara. 

I was going to count how many people I ran into, expecting the number to be a lot. Ask my kids. Or my husband. Can’t go anywhere in town without stopping to talk to 80 million people. They hate it. 

I only ran into two people that I knew.

I did however feel the need to explain that I just came from a facial and that was why I didn’t have any makeup on. 

They pretty much looked at me like…

“Thanks for sharing”

Still a work in progress. I am.

Until next time,

Adventure awaits…

2 thoughts on “#24 Naked Face

  1. commutingwithkristen says:

    LOL that’s me too. I feel the need to head people off at the pass and tell them why I’m makeup-less instead of waiting to hear the cringeworthy, “You look tired” or “sick” or “different”.

    Liked by 1 person

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