#31 RAK Date Night

So in keeping with my current giving back thing, my husband and I added a random acts of kindness adventure.


I added random acts of kindness and my husband nodded and smiled and said whatever makes you happy. Gosh I’ve trained him so well…

Now I know the idea behind random is that it’s not planned so I guess I technically broke the rules. But I figure kindness is kindness. And the world just plain needs more of it. Like really needs it. I don’t even understand what is going on every time I turn on the tv. Bombs at teenage concerts, shameful politics, vans plowing into people. I can’t even. So instead of getting angry. I’m just going to take action and spread just a tiny bit of happiness, kindness, smiles and joy. 

I mean every little bit has to count for something, right?

Back when I taught 5th grade, we would spend the month of February performing random acts of kindness. I had this adorable decorated door that said “Join the Kindness Revolution” (thanks Tani for all the best ideas).

The kids would perform acts of kindness. And then write their act on a paper heart and fill the door with love. 

Check out the Random Acts of Kindness website for inspiration and next year’s RAK week.

Since my husband said, “Whatever makes you happy”, I started spouting off ideas.

After a few giant eyerolls he said, “What if we brought dinner to the guys working tonight?”

Wait a minute, did I just rope him in for real? His guys were working a job that is on a tight timeline and even though jobs sometimes have to work nights, he’d yet to have a crew work overnight on a Saturday.

So we ventured out on our mission to Seattle with my RAK cards (that I stole off the internet), tape and pens in tow.

Our first stop was a Starbucks because seriously in all these years I’d never paid for someone’s coffee in the drive through. So I ran in and purchased a gift card and handed it back to the cashier and asked her to hand it to the next person in the drive thru.

The smile and excitement on her face and then on the drive thru attendant’s face were already so worth it. And they weren’t even getting the free coffee!

The kid working the drive thru window turned and gave me two thumbs up and I was like this is SO meant to be.

In fact, it was so meant to be that I waited until he paused from his work and asked him to repeat the thumbs up so I could take a photo.

Then we continued on our journey to Seattle with a little pit stop at Barnes and Noble. 

I figured, I love books, why not give the gift of a book?

So I wandered around the store looking at books because I saw this idea about putting cash in a book with one of my cards that said, “Great choice, this book’s on me”. But there were WAY too many books to choose from so I just got in line to purchase a gift card instead. 

There was this older couple in line behind me. Well, the wife was in line and the husband was off to the side waiting ever so impatiently for his wife. It kind of reminded me how my husband was waiting ever so impatiently for me right now. And I thought, perfect!

So after I purchased the gift card, I stuck my little RAK card to it and handed it back to the cashier and repeated my line. She looked up and beamed with that same excitement. Okay this was getting to be way more awesome than even I thought.

As I walked out, I glanced back and watched my intended RAK receiver walk up to the line. Yes! I hurried outside, jumped in the truck and told Beau the story and we continued on our way.

As we drove into the Emerald City on this beautiful evening, I was reminded how fortunate we truly are and how good it feels to do something positive.

We checked out downtown for a bit and several of the jobs his guys have completed or are currently working on. Those Amazon spheres are so amazing. Talk about cutting edge engineering. So proud of my husband and his leadership. Fire sprinklers may just be one part of the final structures, but the sprinkler fitters of McKinstry are top notch. Besides, my husband likes to say, “lawn sprinklers save your grass, fire sprinklers save your ass.” Haha.

Okay back to our final act of kindness for the night. We pulled up to Zeeks Pizza and grabbed pizzas and soda and then made our way to the Seattle Art Museum where the guys were working.

I’ve never (in all these years) been on the inside of one of his jobs, but the security people were cool and took us up to their staff lunchroom and we ate pizza with the guys. 

Then Beau checked out the progress and I got to watch him do his boss thing. He’s worked so hard to get here. 

Kids: It’s hard work! There is no lazy path that will get you to your goals. It literally comes down to hard work and grit. Perseverance and patience. If you think there is a quick and easy route, you’re going to be stuck on the bottom step of your stairway to success. Soapbox moment of the day. You’re welcome!

So there you have it…random act of kindness date night. 

This should become a trend. In fact, I’d also like to add random act of kindness girl’s day. And random act of kindness kid day. With my kids. The one’s I birthed. To clarify, since I call my students my kids too. Although if they jump on the wagon that’s cool too. But I’m rambling randomness again, so…

Who’s in?

Until next time…

Adventure awaits. 

16 thoughts on “#31 RAK Date Night

  1. The Kid from Starbucks says:

    I don’t know how, but my mom had found or been given the link to your blog and had messaged it to me. Didn’t know I was apart of such a great date night haha. The other baristas at the Starbucks you visited loved this RAK date idea!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Angie says:

      Wow! So crazy and such a small world! Thanks for being part of our adventure! And thanks for letting me snap that picture…”thumbs up” is kind of our adventure photo theme, so it was totally meant to be 👍🏼


  2. Astrid Vinje says:

    What a nice idea! I never thought about giving gift cards for books. And I totally agree with you – there really is no lazy path that will get you to your goals. You just have to buckle down and do the work!

    Liked by 1 person

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