#35 Hiking for Miles for Lakes and Waterfalls

Okay…so that makes it sound like we saw a lot of lakes and waterfalls.

Which isn’t exactly true.

There was only was only one gorgeous lake and one massive waterfall. I mean the water was technically “falling” everytime we passed it on our uphill trek. Gravity just kind works that way. Duh. Just kidding. Not about the gravity. About the sarcasm.

But the title didn’t sound right any other way, so there’s that…

Early in my adventure madness, I hiked Mount Pilchuck with my adventure buddy Rachel.

This time, my good friend Diana (and expert hiking buddy) called me up and asked if I wanted to join her and her dog Koa on a hike.

Of course I did…adventure queen that I am, you know 💁🏻

So she picked me up early in the morning and we drove up the Mount Loop Highway to the Goat Lake trailhead.

From the time we got out of the car, we could hear the sound of rushing water. On my list was a hike to a waterfall, so I technically checked two things off my bucket list because this was also the longest hike I’ve completed (10 plus miles).

It was such a peaceful and beautiful hike. Not too difficult of an elevation gain. It was long, but when you have a buddy to catch up with, time just flies. Oh and maybe my feet hurt a little the next day…

We took the lower trail to the lake and by doing this we pretty much had water on our right the entire time. We walked and walked and blabbed and blabbed. Well, mostly I blabbed. I’m so good at that. She told me about her beautiful adoption story. Not my story to tell, but gosh does is make my heart happy hearing how it’s all played out. Love that family.


Highlight #1: The massive waterfall. I really can’t tell you about it. And my pictures and video really don’t do any of it justice. Nature and the great outdoors are just things you’ve got to get out there and see and do for yourself. It’s incredibly peaceful and the feel of that mist and the powerful sound of that crashing water is really something else.



If. Wait, I mean when you go on this hike, be careful if you venture out onto the rocks at the waterfall. They are slippery. And water is pretty, but man will it take you out without thinking twice about it.

I know, I know.

Water can’t think. Don’t be so judgy. I’m making a statement here. Just go with it.

Highlight #2: Lunch on a log. Seriously. Best. Idea. Ever. The view was stunning. The company was awesome. The lunch was…well, what I brought was less than stellar. Snap peas and a granola bar. Diana was not too impressed with my lame lunch either.

She, on the other hand, brought a delicious feast of homemade bean dip, tortilla chips, rice crackers, freshly picked cherries, mango slices and fancy cheese (and a fancy knife to cut the cheese…haha…cut the cheese). Sorry…middle school teacher brain just took over.

I learned something that day:

Bring a good lunch whenever you hike.

Because I did not deserve to eat those snap peas and that granola bar on that log. That log was for a lunch of champions. That log only deserved the best.

Luckily Diana is generous. She shared with me. And I was once again deserving of lunching on the log.

We ate while the mountains towered over us and the lake glistened under us. We dangled our feet in the water which resulted in numb, frozen toes. That glacier water is kind of cold.


Highlight #3: All the interesting folks who venture out on these hikes. Now I know I’m not a professional hiker…not by any means, but what is up with the dogs not on leashes? Not just any dog, but the dog who’s owner suddenly notices that we have a dog with us and then frantically runs over as his dog is growling and says, “He’s not friendly, he’s not friendly. Sorry. Sorry”.

Ummm… can you say panic for Angie. Diana however remained calm and so did her dog. I’m not a huge animal lover (I know that sounds terrible… it’s just that they tend to freak me out when they come running at me). See above. However, Koa is a sweet, well-behaved boy and I enjoyed his company.


There were people coming back down who’d camped over night. There was a girl just swinging in her hammock by herself. There were also lots of people on solo hikes (some prepared and some not so much). Like the lady who was going to start a 10 mile hike at 4:00 in the afternoon and thinking she might make it back down in a few hours. It took us 5.5 and that didn’t include our stop for lunch. Hope that worked out.


But those solo hikers are brave. Much more than me.

I just don’t want to go at that alone. Just being in the back freaked me out. Like some crazy person or wild animal would come up behind me and attack at any moment. Maybe too many episodes of Dexter are creeping into my thoughts…

Anyway, I like company. I like talking. I like sharing the experience with someone and then being able to reflect later.

I’m so thankful for my adventure buddies and their willingness to either jump in when I throw out random ideas or when they take the lead and include me on their adventures.

Less than two weeks until the big day and only 5 adventures to go.

Until next time,

Adventure awaits…



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