#38 Random Adventures with Loli

There really isn’t a better title.

Don’t we all have that one friend?

The one who can always put a smile on your face.

A friend that can make you laugh out loud no matter what.

The one who knows how to make anything fun…and sometimes totally insane.

Even the most random of activities. Like walking on stilts…

More about that later.

That’s my friend Loli. Except her name isn’t even Loli. I’m not even sure where that came from. But she’s also the queen of nicknames.

Mine from her: Linty. Which is derived from “Lint-pits”. Because one day at work we were in a meeting. And you know when you have a cheap sweater (aka Target clearance teacher cardigans…my specialty) and the material balls up. Well, I just happened to be picking at lint balls in my armpit area (no shame) and there you have it: “Lint-pit”.


That’s me.

She is the friend who keeps in contact with you.

You know how time and distance can grow friendships apart?

Not with Loli. No matter the time or distance it’s always just like old times.

I cherish my time with Loli and Belil (that’s not her real name either…nickname again).

I mentioned that I’d never zip-lined and Loli says, “just come to my new house…I have one in my backyard!”


Only Loli.

So Belil and I made a date and carpooled our way to her house for some random adventures.

We had a great lunch, caught up on all the newest news in our lives and you would never know that it had been months since we all last hung out.

Then we ziplined. In her yard.

Holy cow that was crazy fun. All the kids tried it too. And even Belil. Who was not totally convinced that it was even safe.

But it was. We all survived. There may have been a little screaming, a giant bruise on my leg and maybe a little profanity…

The end of the ride was a little bit terrifying. You know that tree at the end of the path. The one that looks like you might slam right into. But that double brake system didn’t fail. So no tree hugging that day. Well, that kind of tree hugging anyway.


​A few more video clips of my fellow adventurers.


​ And then before we left. She challenged us to walk on stilts.

Only Loli.

I love it. And the way those friends of mine make me laugh out loud.

Until next time,

Adventure awaits…

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