I have a confession…

It’s true.

I’ve been in denial, but the proof is in the blog.

I think I might be an attention whore.

Let me explain.

I’ve been receiving positive feedback about my writing.

My ramblings speak to moms, teachers, almost 40 somethings or anyone who is getting a little older…

And I like to make people laugh with my musings.

When people say I love reading your blog, I only feel slightly guilty that I’m essentially an egomaniac who is talking mostly about myself.

When I told the husband that I was getting this positive feedback, he said “Whatever gets you attention and makes you happy”.

At first, I was like: “I’m not doing this for attention”.

And then I was like: “Who am I kidding?”

Why else would anyone blog?

I mean what else do we know more about than our own personal life experiences?

So…a quick story (about myself of course):

There’s this one year of teaching that I call the dream-team year. The four of us were a force to be reckoned with. We should have walked around dressed as Jedi and quoting Yoda.

We each had only 20 kids per class. Those kids were such a special group. I still keep in touch with many of them and their families.

There was so much energy and too many fun moments to count. That year will forever be a favorite.

It was the year of South Beach diets, Eckhart Tolle’s Purpose Driven Life and many discussions around our own personal pain-bodies. We called each other out on our negative self talk and saved each other from drinking full sugar soda. We even went river rafting together. We shared our strengths and gave each other amazing teaching ideas. We were the ideal of collaboration (most of the time). Teachers and students played pranks on each other all year. I opened a Christmas gift from a student and inside was a package of sardines. There was a life-size cardboard cutout of Edward Cullen that popped up in classroom windows at random times. We did countless projects and had the most epic end of 5th grade celebration ever!’

Oh the memories.

It was also the year that I was thrown a half-birthday party and given the following photo:


You’re wondering why this is relevant. Hold on, I’m getting there…

We were sitting around lunch one day and I was whining about summer birthdays. I said something along the line of, “I was always jealous of all the kids who got to celebrate their birthdays during the school year. I mean I never had a class sing happy birthday to me.”

And on a separate occasion, my dream team was talking about their “Most Likely To…” awards in high school and I said (all sad and dejected like), “I never got one of those awards…”

As I’ve been reflecting (thank you husband), I’ve realized that I clearly must be an attention whore. Otherwise, how would I ever have gotten myself thrown a half-birthday party and convinced my fellow teacher friends to go the district office and get a copy of my senior photo and create a “most likely to…” award for me.

So I confess.

I’ve also found the perfect career.

Teachers become teachers to make a difference and enlighten young minds, but secretly they also like to hear the sound of their own voice. If you’ve ever questioned whether teachers like to talk, just remember how all your childhood classrooms were set-up. I mean most classrooms have traditionally been set-up so the teacher can stand in the front and be the star of the show.

I’ve actually been know to say that when I’m trying to get the attention of my audience (I mean students).

“Hey kids, star of the show right here” as I point to myself or do the vogue motions from the Madonna song.

We work hard and selflessly, but we do like to talk!

I just hope my blog has a message too. I don’t really just want to blab about myself. I want to write. I want to a make connections. I want you to say, “hey, I can totally relate” or “I get that” or “that has totally happened to me”.

I want you to be able to laugh with me (or at me). And think, “hey, she’s right…life’s too short to waste time”.

I want to inspire you to be an adventurer. To face growing older with excitement and enthusiasm. To take care of yourself.

To laugh. To love. To be happy.

Go for it.

Adventure awaits…

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7 thoughts on “I have a confession…

  1. Bethany says:

    Best blog yet- because it brought back amazing memories and it is partly about me and I (a teacher) am a fellow attention whore! Seriously- you are a comedic genius!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Angie says:

      Glad you liked it (since you had no choice in being a character in my story). This one was fun to write because of all the fun memories. Thanks for being a partner in crime (I mean teaching) and a fellow adventurer!


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