#13 Moms On Skates

Ok well, let me tell you we aren’t just moms.

We are also friends, wives, career women and sisters who think you are never too old to:

a) try something new

b) have fun

c) be complete dorks

We all met for dinner at Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse…it’s a teppanyaki (whatever that means) type of restaurant. I think it just stands for “we cook your food on a grill at your table and do fun tricks and stuff”.


We were originally going to try sushi, but thank you very much, they did NOT have any. We’ll save that for another day…

Our dinner group included Jacquelyn, Cory, Me, Rochelle, Rachel and Stacie.


Dinner was great…it was a mixed group of people and it was fun to chat, catch-up or meet for the first time.

Some of us learned/remembered that some of us hate dot, dot, dot and some of us realized that we ALWAYS dot, dot, dot…


I finally met Stacie. She’s a funny one. I dig her genuine, no nonsense, life is too short not to have fun attitude. Plus she’s doing a 40 before 40 list too and I like that I inspired that.

I mean that’s the reason I’m doing this whole adventuring and blogging thing, right?!?

Well, THAT and apparently I like attention and to talk about myself (refer to my I Have a Confession post). What can I say 💁🏻

After dinner, Rachel, Stacie and I jumped into my car and drove to Xfinity Community Ice Rink.

And I think I’m a great driver, NOT a bad one like somebody mentioned. I mean, Beau might argue. And my father-in-law. And my own dad. And my kids. Okay, well I still think I’m a great driver!

It was raining of course and we didn’t realize that we parked so far from the entrance, so we snuck into the Silvertips game to go to the bathroom. Well, we didn’t really sneak…the nice door guy let us in. We even took bathroom selfies and Stacie tried to teach us how to do those instagram worthy duck lips. She’s a master. I’m not a good learner though…


Once we got there, we rented our skates and squeezed our feet into those bad boys. Took some more dorky selfies, cause why not.


Then we ever so cautiously creeped onto the ice. It was a slow start getting our skating feet established, but we eventually mastered the “push, push, glide” of ice skating.


They had these awesome kiddie training things. Those were fun…you can go really fast with those.



There was not a mass murderer chasing me, as my face might indicate. The terror was more a fear of falling and not being able to get back up.

So apparently it’s not enough of an adventure to be moms on skates. My adventure team determined that we must ice skate along with daring one another to do ridiculous things.

For example, pretend you are about to fall and you need some sweet gentleman to help you, or ask the figure skater in the center to teach you an ice skating move or do a baseball slide on the ice or photo bomb a family photo.

Yes…those things actually happened.

It was a blast and l adore these people who push me out of my comfort zone.

We are moms. Fun moms. Nerdy moms. Embarrassing moms (just ask my kids). We are also 30-somethings who are on a mission to live life like we mean it and laugh along the way.

Yes, laugh a lot. That’s definitely a requirement.

Till next time…

Adventure awaits!



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