#6 Golf…sort of

I definitely went golfing. I was sort of bad at it.

Okay…I was really bad.

My husband has been golfing for years. He told me the story of his first time golfing. He was 16. One of his brother’s friends took him. It’s a fond memory of a great guy named George Shepard, who has since passed away.

Anyway, I have harassed him for years about golf. That he really only goes to drive around in a golf cart and drink adult beverages with his friends and spend enormous amounts of money. All this is true. But he loves the sport as well. And he’s pretty good at it.


Doesn’t he look cute?

If you’ve been following my ramblings since June, then you know that I do not like to participate in things that I am not good at. If I’m not good at them, I’d just prefer to leave it alone. I know. I know. I need to be a better role model for my kids (the ones that I birthed) and my students.

Well, I’m trying to turn over a new leaf and practice what I preach.

Therefore, I have continued to run regardless of the lack of this infamous runner’s high. I even ran 6 miles. Straight. Without stopping. It wasn’t awful, but I didn’t feel great until it was over. I saw a shirt on someone’s blog. It read, “running is only fun when it’s over”. I need that shirt.

In my year of new adventures, I decided it’s probably the right time to give golf a shot (haha…pun intended). Beau and I golfed 9 holes at Cedarcrest golf course in Marysville. Special thanks to my friend Crista for loaning me her lefty clubs.


I learned that golf is hard. Oh, and there’s a need for more bathrooms on the course.

He was very patient and a good teacher. He even gave encouraging words, like “that was great” or “you’re getting better”. I’m not sure who he was watching, but I think he was trying not to say the things that were actually running through his mind like, “that was terrible” or “your swing sucks”.


The only thing I was great or getting better at was:

  • Missing the ball entirely.
  • Hitting the ground with the club so hard that I knocked enormous chunks of grass out (sorry Cedarcrest).
  • Landing the ball in ponds and swamps.


Looking good so far…


Just kidding. See the big hole and the ball that didn’t go anywhere.

However, I did manage to “double bogey” on the 4th hole. Most of the others aren’t worth discussing. We just stopped keeping track. Apparently when you’re 8 over par, it’s not good.

I am getting better at the golf lingo. I now know what a driver is used for and a pitching wedge and a putter (that one was kind of obvious).


Driver…see I know this stuff now. Actually I wrote wedge first and Beau had to correct me.

I did not exactly appreciate the hecklers at the restaurant while we were at the 9th hole. They were seriously betting on how many shots it would take me to sink the ball in the hole. If you can, take a moment to picture me putting on the green. I first putted one direction toward the hole and it went past, of course. Then I’d walk over to the ball and putt it back toward the hole. And it went past again. This went on and on until I finally made it. The hecklers were relentless.

That was embarrassing.

Overall, golfing was a lot of fun. It’s a great sport that Beau and I can enjoy together. I’m really getting into this whole “new adventures” thing. And I’m not going to quit because “new leaf” and all.

I’m a strong believer in the motto, “fake it till you make it”. And I think the best way to fake being a golfer is to look like one. Which also meant I needed to go shopping. It was a win-win really.

So I convinced my personal photographer (aka Emilee) to join me on a shopping excursion. She humored me by coming in to the fitting room to take photos of possible golf outfits. Sorry the lighting was bad. I don’t think the store would have appreciated my awkward modeling outside of the fitting room.



This was supposed to be me being funny and finding something obnoxious. Guess which one was my husband’s favorite. He said this is what a golfer looks like.


This was my favorite. I know it’s not a golf outfit, but I look like a runner…don’t ya think?

That’s all for now.




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