#8 College, Falls and Lashes

I decided I would spare you my typical wordy words and post a photo blog.

Okay to be fair, there will still be some words. I can’t just quit being a word-aholic.

College Tour


Okay…so we kind of slacked on the photos during the tour. It was busy.

21 years ago I was a freshman at EWU.  Emilee wants to complete the film program at Eastern. I swear, I did not convince her she should go there…

I have great memories of that year. I wish I could find all my photos. They’re hiding somewhere in the rafters of the garage and I’ve yet to locate them.

Anyway, I was probably annoying spouting off all my memories and experiences. The campus has changed, but much is the same. I’m not the same however. Much older and wiser. Ha.

She’s so excited about college and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She has big goals and is determined to accomplish them. I love that. Her boyfriend has goals too and it’s so cool to see all the possibility and excitement on their young faces.



Did you think I meant someone fell?

Ha, ha! Got you…

Just kidding.

We spent part of our trip exploring Spokane. Emilee was working on a project for her photography class at the community college. So we went to the Spokane Falls. I’ve been there before, but not with my daughter!

We had a blast hanging with Jordan and Becky. We drove around. Walked around. Ate at Red Lobster (my first time). Went shopping. Had froyo. Laughed a lot and just pretty much had a great time.



This is my real #8.

Eyelash extensions. Please excuse my wrinkles, pores and giant forehead.

While in Spokane, we visited my cousin’s salon Studio North Salon and Spa and she did our eyelashes for us.

Shelby does awesome work. If you are ever in Spokane, check out their place.

I’m most looking forward to not having to apply mascara in the morning. I’ll practically have so much time to sleep in, drink my coffee and watch the news. Okay, maybe not that much time, but seriously. Oh, and who am I kidding…I hate the news. Maybe I’ll just stare at my eyelashes in the mirror.

Till next time,

Adventure awaits…

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