#10 Running a 10k

So back when I was contemplating all this 40 before 40 craziness, my good friend Bethany said “Alright, your 10th adventure is definitely going to be a 10k”.

At first, I was like “umm, yeah right”.

But then, since I’m not one to back down from a challenge, I began my journey to become a “runner” (featured in other blog posts).

We researched different 10k races with fun themes, but the timing was always off and we really needed to run a race on a Sunday. And I really needed my #10 adventure to be late October to early November to stay on track (not OCD at all).

Finally, we just decided to make our own race and that’s how the “Angie’s Adventure Run” became a thing.


Umm…I might have considered this photo BEFORE the run…but the sweat has a nice effect, don’t you think?

My adventure team included Bethany (thanks so much for organizing and making me the super cute DIY made with lots of love t-shirt), Rachel, Voni, Stephanie, Cindy, Kari and Kari (yes, there were two Kari’s and no it’s not a typo).


We ran that 6.2 miles like nobody’s business and I’m super proud of myself and my team of runners. Those ladies all rock for sure!


When I got home, I was still super proud of myself, but I also began to analyze the pictures (who doesn’t want to look good in photos that they are going to post on their blog)?!?!

Well, in the middle of my “I have no waist and my fat makes me look like a square” tirade, my husband interrupted me and said,

“Stop. Why are you talking like that when we are supposed to be saying positive things and teaching our kids how to be happy with themselves.”

It was a slap in the face (figuratively…not literally of course).

I stopped and looked at my daughter who was listening to the entire thing (and who had already commented that I was acting like a middle schooler). Which to be honest, is probably how I act all the time. I mean, it is where I spend most of my time.


That was when I realized that I was doing it.


What I know I shouldn’t do…sending my negative body image messages to her. It’s never intentional. I know in my intelligent (mostly) mind that I shouldn’t do that. And then I started to think about how many times over the course of almost 18 years I’ve done that.

Ugh. I’ve always struggled with body image.

But I realized something in that moment when my husband stopped me in my tracks.

And that is:

While I may not have the perfect body, I am strong and healthy.

And what is the perfect body anyway?

Could it be one that can grow two perfectly healthy children? What about one that can walk and run and see and type this blog? Maybe it’s one that has a heart that beats somewhere around 100,000 times a day and constantly pumps blood throughout my body. Or one with a pair of lungs that breathe an average of 20,000 breaths a day and take in the oxygen that my cells desperately need to function? Or perhaps it’s the body equipped with a brain that can think complex thoughts and store memories and feel emotion.

Maybe all those things (and so much more) are what make a perfect body. I mean our bodies are pretty darn amazing things and when you think about it, the way the outside looks becomes a little less important.

It’s hard to remember that when we judge ourselves against the perfect body.

I also just ran 6.2 miles with my friends. My friends, who are badass women and who are equally strong and healthy.

Our perfect bodies didn’t fail us then. That has to count for something.

That’s all for now,

Adventure awaits.


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