Snapchat…I’ve converted

So my son created a Snapchat account for me…something about streaks.

My daughter rolled her eyes and said to her brother, “why did you do that?”

She refused to add me.

Apparently Snapchat is not for old people.

I must disagree!

It’s so fun. And addicting. I’ve laughed so hard with a few friends over the last couple of weeks. OMG.

I’ve heard adults (perhaps myself once or twice) mention how awful this app is because the photos just disappear. And of course this is under the assumption that all teenagers really want to send each other inappropriate pictures. Okay…they don’t. And for the ones that do…they’re going to find a way to do that with or without an app.

Besides, they don’t really disappear.

So do talk to your kids about internet safety and their digital tattoo. And stalk the heck out of them on their social media.

When you can’t beat em’, join em’!

I mean who doesn’t want to send selfies with weird filters and the occasional awkward face swap to all their friends???

Oh and I’d like to report that my daughter did add me. Even she could not resist my hilariousness.

4 thoughts on “Snapchat…I’ve converted

  1. Voni Walker says:

    Eeek, that last one is weird!!! Isn’t it just like old people (me being one of them) to think that all new stuff is evil. I think about 30 years ago I promised myself that would not be me.


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