#14 Spirit Week

Most of you know that I’m a teacher.

Of the middle school variety. Those kids make my day every day…sometimes they make it chaotic and I want to rip my hair out (but I already don’t have very much of that…so of course I leave it in my head), but mostly they make it why I love what I do. They make me smile, they make me laugh, they sometimes make me crazy and bring out my sarcasm. They make me humble and patient and hopeful.

Plus…I get to nerd out on science everyday and what could possibly be better than that?

Then there’s this thing called Spirit Week.

A time when we can literally dress up like complete morons and the kids we work for love it (mostly they love to roll their eyes at us and talk about what dorky, crazy, weird teachers they have) but they love it too.

Here’s the thing:

When I first began teaching and was overwhelmed with the assault of holiday themed sweaters and necklaces and earrings and pins and OMG, I was like that will NEVER be me.

I literally said to my dear husband, “I will never wear that ridiculous stuff and if I do remind of this moment…”


I’m not sure when it happened. Or how it happened. But I evolved into this sweater-wearing nerdalicious teacher.

I’ve never actually managed to dress up for every day of the week.

Until this year. And thanks to my partner in crime (I mean teaching) for joining me in this adventure.

Pajama Day

Twin Day


Have you ever looked at someone’s face when doing a snapchat filter? Don’t ask…

Dressember Day (click here to learn more)



And thanks to my other teaching partner for snapping this photo with me

Ugly Sweater Day

Color Wars (red and white representing two grades levels)

Oh and this year, my year of adventures, was also the year to play in the staff vs. student basketball games that occur every year at the winter spirit assembly.

Up to this point, I’ve successfully avoided participating. I mean who wants to embarrass themselves in front of the entire school?

I love basketball. I played it all through high school. I wasn’t all that good, but I was fast and scrappy. I stole a lot of balls and then subsequently missed the fast break lay up.

We lost ALL of our games my Junior year. We were 3-17 my Senior year and then AFTER I graduated the team went to state.

My graduation was clearly a devastating loss to the team.

Anyway, my son inherited my lefty love for basketball and I couldn’t be more proud.

So when the 8th grade varsity team plays against the staff and my son is on the team it only makes sense that this was the year to pull up my big girl pants (or in this case hideous shiny gold shorts) and show him a thing or two.

And then I missed ALL my shots. Every. Single. One.

He made his though. So I guess he showed me a thing or two.

And I checked that one off my list.

Until next time,

Adventure awaits…


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