I did not adventure this week…

But I was supposed to.

I was supposed to do a hot cocoa run, but I wimped out.

It was cold and early and I was really lame.

I need my running mojo back.

How do you all stay motivated to run in the winter?

On another note this weekend…we took our family photo for the annual Christmas card.

It required Emilee setting up the tripod and Jordan snapping the photo for us.

I gather it must have been entertaining as we changed outfits and Jaxon did not cooperate. He found the whole process to be a waste of his time. Maybe he’ll appreciate the necessity of getting the perfect picture one day.

Or maybe he won’t because it is kind of silly. He tried to get out of it too many times to count.

But we did get a few good ones and Jaxon did not get grounded (even with many empty threats). Parenting win 😜

He’s  really never been all that into the Christmas photo process.


The best part was recreating a photo from a long time ago.

Look at Beau’s face. No, really look. He hated this day. I guess you can say he’s never really enjoyed the perfect Christmas photo process either. But to be fair, the lady taking the photo was kind of ridiculous having us pose this way.

So we recreated it today in our dorky Christmas wear. We had a good laugh. Beau is wearing his Halloween costume. He was dressed up as cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation. He thinks no one will get it. But if you don’t get it you seriously need to crawl out of the hole you’ve been living in and go watch the movie.

Actually, I’m being a hypocrite. The Belisle family literally had to sit me down and make me watch it for the first time about 5 years ago. I was really missing out…


I think we are hilarious and it was fun (well, for some of us). The rest just tolerate my crazy ideas…

Until next time,

Adventure awaits (and I won’t skip the adventure next time).

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