Funny Friday #1

A well known fact from the depths of my classroom:

I tell jokes.

Really bad ones.

All the time.

In fact, the cheesier the better.

“I like cheesy jokes, they’re GRATE”

And they’re always nerd alert science jokes related to our topic of study.

Sometimes the kids get them and sometimes they don’t.

But I always over explain anyway, so…

And no matter how dumb the joke is, the kids either laugh at the joke or at me because I’m always cracking myself up.

And the way I see it, they’re laughing either way. And laughing people are happy people.

And we don’t have enough happy these days, with all the political drama and divisiveness and anger spewing from mouths and fingertips. 

And I don’t know about you, but I like my social media to make me smile. And laugh. And inspire me to spread kindness and cheer throughout my day.

I want to smile at your pictures and funny stories and I want to laugh at the embarrassing things your kids and pets and significant others say and do.

I want to relate to you on all sorts of levels from your zest for adventure to your basic human decency to wanting to live your life like you mean it.

I want to empathize with you when times are tough or when sad things happen.

And I want to cheer you up. And make YOU smile and laugh.

Therefore, in order to bring more joy to your life (and mine too), I am launching my new blog series:

“Funny Friday”

Drumroll please…

May you laugh, roll your eyes, smile or cringe.

Just know that whatever you’re doing, I’ll be on this end cracking myself up.


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