High Heels and Hoodies

There are so many fashion bloggers out there.

It’s fun to follow them and see what is trendy.

I’m obviously not.

I mean my blog is all about…well, I’m not exactly sure.

It started out so that I could document this last year of my 30s and all my adventures.

Occasionally I post about my job as a teacher, or being a mom and a wife, or friendship, or travel or kindness or science or bad jokes.

It’s just pretty random.

But I’d love to talk fashion because I really do like clothes. And shoes.

I get a Stitchfix box each month and I always debate doing a fix series. But then I think about trying on all the clothes and modeling them and that pretty much shuts that down.

I’m just so awkward.

And then there’s my day to day wardrobe, which consists of one part new trends and one part whatever.

Hey guys, I finally got rid of all the overalls.

Oh how I loved those. I had denim ones, khaki ones, colored ones, cropped ones, regular ones and short ones. They were so very versatile. Pregnant or not. Casual or fancy (okay, probably not…but I’m pretty sure I wore them with my platform wedge sandals). All the time.

I know they are back in style, but I just can’t. It’s not the same.

These days, I pretty much throw on layers until I look in the mirror and receive an approving nod back at myself.

It’s actually more like a shrug that says “that’ll do”.

But I do LOVE shoes. And high heels mostly. Flat shoes make my calves sore.

I always wanted to be taller anyway.

And shoes ALWAYS fit. Not like stupid jeans. Those almost never fit. I mean they’re either too low waisted and I’m yanking them back up all. damn. day.

Or they’re too tight in the waist and the muffin top is real.

Or they’re way too long. Refer to, “I always wanted to be taller”.

I could go on, but I’m thinking you probably get the point. Maybe you can even relate…

Back to shoes. I love them. I can never have enough of them. I want a closet full of them.

Shhh. My husband already thinks I have too many.

Really??? Is that even a thing?

Here is my current favorite pair:

So let’s talk shoes friends. What is your current favorite pair?

Oh and I do wear hoodies with high heels.

Mostly wedges like these:

Or these:


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