Tell a Stupid Joke Tuesday

I was a slacker last week.

I didn’t post for my Funny Friday series.

I had material. I was just lazy.

Hey people I made it two weeks.

So in honor of my two week record, I decided I’d post for “Tell a Stupid Joke Tuesday”.

Yes I made that up. 

Impressed yet?

Last week, I had a full day science meeting where we were writing curriculum and planning unit lessons.

So picture this:

Four science teachers in one room. Circled around a table. Surrounded by science material.

You’re talking a field day of joke material. We can’t even help ourselves.

Teacher 1: So do you agree that we should give up the lesson on barometers?

Teacher 2: Absolutely. Too much pressure.

Bahahaha. Get it? Barometers measure air pressure. 

K nevermind.

Teacher 3: After this, we’re going to jump into the unit on waves. 

Teacher 1: Haha. Jump into waves.

We all laugh hysterically.

This continued throughout the meeting. I shall spare you the ridiculousness and leave you with this instead:

Now go tell a joke. The dumber, the better.

And then laugh. Out loud. At yourself.

Who cares if it wasn’t funny. 

Laughing people are happy people.

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