#25 Building a Greenhouse

Actually building anything…

This is one of those spontaneous “wasn’t part of my plan originally but deserves a spot in Angie’s 40 before 40 Adventure Hall of Fame.”

Yes I made that up. There’s not really an Angie’s Adventure Hall of Fame. I’m thinking there should be though. And I also think Bill Nye should call me up because he wants to meet ME.

And Ellen too. She should call me up and invite me to be a guest on her show. I’d make sure to thank all of you fans.


Okay, okay…I’ll step out of fantasy land and back into reality. So sorry about that little detour.

Focus Angie.

Greenhouse. Yes, that’s what this story was about.

As I was saying it didn’t start out as part of the plan, but it really truly is an adventure.

I don’t build things. It’s so far from my natural abilities. In fact, any physical labor is really. Or outdoor work. I hate it. Gardening? Nope.

Give me my book to read or some paper and I’ll craft the crap out of it. Ask me to write something, I got you. I can memorize random science facts and I’m a pretty good teacher. I love science labs and setting up experiments for middle schoolers doesn’t scare me at all.

However, if you want to build something. Call someone else.

My husband calls me the dumbest smart person he knows. Book smart…but common sense sometimes fails me. I like to think that’s because there’s so much other information in my brain that there’s not room for petty things like common sense. Kidding. Totally kidding.

So I begged for this Greenhouse. We wanted a really big one, but beggars can’t be choosers (thanks mom for the quote from my childhood).

So when one begs for a Greenhouse and one gets a Greenhouse, one must put that bad boy together.

Thank goodness for Kathy and Chris (my fellow STEM teachers). Kathy snapchats me pictures every day of her engaging in various outdoor chores: feeding the goats, moving the lawn, stacking wood, fixing things on her boat, building her own greenhouse.

So I knew I was under great tutelage.

The adventure began on a rainy day under the eves of my very old middle school. You know the one I attended and now where I teach.

There were SO many pieces. And 57 steps. I mean like 57 freaking pages in the instruction guide.
Here we go.


Time for a selfie. And yes this is exactly how I feel about this process.

More progress.

Regardless of how this looks. I did use tools and help build it. It’s just that I had the camera and had to take pictures. Duh. It’s always about the pictures.

See…me working! Thank goodness Voni stopped by and snapped some photos as proof!

Success. We did it. It was surprisingly not that bad. It did take 4 hours and my fingers were numb (which I whined about repeatedly).

Then I sent the picture to my husband and he said “good job, but that thing is tiny. It couldn’t have been that hard.”

Ummm…thanks. For knocking the wind out of my “I just helped build something” sails.

Oh well. I love it. It’s so adorable. And now our students have a greenhouse to do some outdoor learning. YES!

Catching rain water for the greenhouse. I mean when you live in the PNW and there’s water pouring off the eves, you might as well.

Until next time,

Adventure awaits.

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