Funny Friday #4

I’m not ready to quit.

You know, throw in the towel and all.

Not on telling cheesy jokes.

No that will continue…for sure. For pretty much ever.

I meant on writing this Funny Friday series. I’m not very good at sticking to a blogging schedule. But I honestly think that’s probably best. I can’t claim to blog randomly about random stuff…

Wait. I guess my adventures are kind of planned, but they are not on a schedule.

Anyway, I can’t claim to blog randomly about random stuff, if I’m on a schedule. And all routine and boring like that. I gotta keep you guessing. And just sitting around impatiently waiting for my hilariousness to appear on your screen.

Yeah I know. Fantasy land again. Insert Eminem lyrics:

“Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity…”

Hey, I have jokes about gravity:

“Gravity is no joke. But if it is, everyone’s falling for it.”


“I’m reading a book about anti-gravity and I can’t put it down.”

So this week, a few of my faves:

  • A joke from a student: “What did Tennessee? What Arkansas.”

         Get it? Tennes-SEE and Arkan-SAW.

  • A student of mine went to the science march. She was totally disgusted by the fact that I did not attend. And she told me that she said a million times, “Mrs. Kyle needs to see this”. Why? Because there were thousands of cheesy science posters and jokes and outfits. Which they all know I would nerd out over ALL. DAY. LONG.
  • Reading a fellow blogger’s post that included this joke: What do turtles use to communicate? Shell phones.
  • And this gem I discovered this week:

Literally a gem. Bahahaha!

Go out there and laugh today. 

I dare you.

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