#27 Adventura 

Doesn’t that sound like a name I should call myself…

“Angie the Adventura”

Can’t you just hear it now…Angie the Adventura has done it again. She’s proven that almost 40 is not too old to hang from ropes and complete death defying acts.

Okay so for the real picture my husband just added…

“In the least acrobatic and most uncoordinated way”.

Thanks dear…love you too!

It sounds very dramatic and exhilarating…well minus my husband’s less than flattering comment.

And so was this adventure.

Rachel suggested way back in the early 40 before 40 planning days, that we complete a ropes course. She had done this one before and it was a blast.

When a Groupon became available, I convinced Bethany and Voni to join us (of course it didn’t really take much convincing because they’re both pretty adventurous already). Oh and it included a wine tasting, so I pretty much had them no matter what 😉.

I thought it was going to rain (because that’s pretty much what it’s been doing nonstop for the last 8000 months) but to our pleasant surprise it turned out to be a beautiful day.

We carpooled down to Woodinville Wine Country…wait is that a thing? If not, I just made it up. Nevermind, I looked it up. It’s a thing.

And we arrived at Adventura with just enough time to use the port a potty…one cannot hang from ropes when one has to pee. That would be a disaster all around, if you know what I’m saying.

The portable toilets were clean by the way. So when you buy that next Groupon (and you definitely should)…just know that if you are a germ-a-phobe like me, you can rest assured that you can relieve yourself in a clean environment (and it’s stocked with hand sanitizer for even greater cleanliness confidence).

Okay…moving on.

From the moment we circled around and were introduced to our ropes course guides (Jenelle, Ryan and Andy) to the very end and Ryan snapping photos for us while snacking on his sandwich, we were impressed.

Impressed with their professionalism, expertise and know how.

Impressed with their cheesy jokes, smiles and fun sense of outdoor adventure.

Impressed with their kindness (when we were terrified), and patience when we needed just a little more time (that first step took a lot of courage).

Well, for some of us.

Voni and Rachel were boss babes about it all. You know, doing cartwheels and partner challenges and all “look ma, no hands”.

Bethany and I however, were shaking in our boots. We weren’t actually wearing boots. But we were literally shaking. Good thing my phone was safely tucked into my bra and at times Rachel’s (yes that happened). It was the only safe place. So yeah. We can not have the phone falling into the murky waters below, when the whole point is to document the experience for the blog.

Okay wait, what was my point?

Oh yes…we were literally shaking and the phone was at serious risk of being dropped.

But also being competitive boss babes, we conquered that shaking and traversed the dangerous ropes like pros (it just took us a little longer). And maybe pros is not the exact word to describe my accomplishment, because I’m pretty sure my husband’s mention of uncoordinated is fairly accurate.

And finally, we were impressed with our guides’ timing to know just when to push us beyond our comfort zone and try something crazy like flip upside down or swing with just our harnesses holding us or allowing Rachel and Voni to do a challenge the completely incorrect way for entertainment purposes. It was pretty funny. Watch the video below:

​This experience (as cheesy as it may sound) was one of those that makes you realize you can.

When you think you just couldn’t possibly, and then someone or something shows you that YOU literally CAN.

I live for that stuff.


If reading my random thoughts can be proof that you can, then I’ve seriously accomplished my goal.

Only 13 adventures to go…

Until next time.

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