Funny Friday #3

I know…

that you know 


I love my job.

I mean there are days when I want to rip my hair out (but I already don’t have enough of that…so of course, I don’t).

But mostly it’s perfect. It’s challenging, rewarding, and it’s most often hilarious.

Like knee-slapping hilarious. 

But also, if you can’t laugh when things make you want to scream, you’re doing it all wrong.

Well, I think you probably have to scream sometimes, and cry, and maybe stomp your feet.

But mostly I think you should laugh.

This weeks top laughing highlights in no particular order:

1. My friend Bethany rings me up on FaceTime and says, the kids and I have been looking up jokes for you…

And then turns the screen to her 7 year old daughter, who asks: 

“Why did Tigger look in the toilet?”

“Too find Pooh”

I die laughing.

Then turns the screen to her 4 year old son, who asks:

“What does the road construction worker have for breakfast?”

“Traffic jam”


Then to her husband (warning: not kid appropriate):

“What’s the difference between a porcupine and a BMW?”

“The porcupine has its pricks on the outside.”


2. One of my students shared this joke with me:


And I loved it so much, that I shared with some teachers at the staff meeting. They didn’t find it nearly as funny as I did. Oh well, there can only be so many hilarious people in the world, I guess!

3. The students presented their quarter projects this week. One the goals of our STEM program is to introduce different options in technology, so we had them create narrated slide shows using an iPad app. It was not easy recording correctly timed voiceovers, but they rocked it (well, mostly).

During one of the presentations, a student’s recorded voices booms out:

And in conclusion, a pun that Mrs. Kyle will love…

“I spent all night looking for the sun…

And then it dawned on me…”

I almost fell off my chair. I mean I love this stuff SO much. 

Laugh on my friends.

Laugh on…

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