#32 Moving Up and Moving On

I know you’re wondering why this is an adventure…

Or maybe you’re wondering why I am behind on my writing…

Or maybe both. Or most likely neither.

I’m going to tell you anyway, my faithful readers.

I’m behind because the end of the school year happened and that is a crazy time all by itself for any teacher. Add to that my daughter graduating high school, a grad party, and my son graduating middle school and a trip immediately following and that all equals my writing taking a back seat.

But also this is an adventure because…

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. It is hard. And exhausting. And stressful.

In fact, most days I feel like we are royally screwing this job up.

But then as I blink, our daughter walks down the aisle to graduate high school (with honors and scholarships by the way).


And then our son walks down the aisle as a middle school survivor. He’s about to venture off and do his high school thing.


So for just a moment my husband and I get to high five each other and call it a win.

And it’s in those moments that I realize we must have done something right. Even with all the miserable failing moments, these joyous moments make it all make sense.

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

And that is why this is an adventure.

After all I’ve never raised a high school graduate and I’ve never thrown a graduation party.

This party hosting thing is a serious accomplishment my friends.

My kids call me “extra”. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m extra awesome, extra funny, extra cool, or extra all or none of the above. There was a joke recently where they decided I should change the name of my blog to “extra, extra read all about it”.

I think I’ll stick with “angienotangela” for now. After all my blog is really all about me.

But this is about moving up and moving on.

So we threw a graduation party for our girl. I began pinning ideas to my Pinterest board months ago. Of course, once I have my mind set, I’m doing it. Even if mid-progress I want to punch myself in the face for my “brilliant” ideas.

Because baking over 75 cupcakes and frosting them on the day of the party and arranging them to spell out 2017 was probably overkill and caused me a great amount of stress. Especially when the frosting had too much milk and started falling off the cupcakes. There may have been a moment when I cursed myself wondering out loud why I had not just simply bought a Costco cake.

But I persevered.


Aren’t they cute?

Oh and the pallet board and the school pictures and old school work and centerpieces and all the little decorations. Pinterest seriously makes all of us fake party planners look good. Side note: the time it took to spray paint pinto beans rose gold was kind of ridiculous. I probably wouldn’t recommend that little Pinterest gem to anyone. Well, unless you are the type to do things the correct and easy way. I’m not. I like to do everything the incorrect and takes 10 times as long way.


It took the hard work of all members of our little family (along with various moments of complaining).

But it all came together.

Then it started raining.


Oh well, I think our guests had a good time. I failed at taking pictures of everyone. Party hosting is overwhelming and the A.D.D. kicked in hard. Anyway, I appreciate everyone who took the time out of their day to help us celebrate our girl (even if I didn’t get a picture of you).


And Emilee had a great time too. She handled herself so gracefully. And she hand-wrote all her thank you’s and mailed them before we left for our trip. Without even complaining. Which was weird and I had to check her forehead to make sure she was feeling okay.

Just kidding. She’s just grown up into a person I admire. Thanks for always keeping it real and for your refreshing outlook on life. She’s stubborn as all heck, but I think that’ll help her tackle her big goals.

Then a couple days later, Jaxon put on that collared shirt and tied his own tie (that I made him wear) and went and graduated middle school. The tie stayed safely tied around his neck until the ceremony was over. And then that thing was a goner. I mean doesn’t he look so happy about both the tie and the photo op?


He’s such a funny, kind and wise young man. He still asks SO SO SO many questions and he’s onery and a total smart ass. I mean, he is a product of his father and I, so what do we really expect folks.


As much as I’m not ready for this, they are. Ready to move up and on.

I am one proud momma.

To both my kids: whether it’s up or on, whichever direction you are heading, your little old parents will be right here cheering you on. We are after all your number one fans. Okay let me disclaimer, if you are being stupid, we probably won’t cheer, we will most likely just defund you. Or ground you, whichever is most applicable at the time. So make smart decisions. But know that when you mess up, we will be here to help you.

You also have a very large extended family and friends who love you a lot. Don’t forget that when times are hard. You have us to lean on.

But go on and do your thing. And be good people while doing it.

Until next time,

Adventure awaits…

11 thoughts on “#32 Moving Up and Moving On

  1. Megan says:

    You’ve missed your writings so I’m glad you’re back on. Thanks for making me laugh through tears. I’m proud of you. Being an ADD OCD parent and teacher is hard work but you do a wonderful job at both. Spray painting pinto beans? That is still making me laugh. You kill me. You should put the picture of your kids doing the thumbs up on the ride at Disneyland. That was so funny! They totally get you… extra extra! Hahahaha! Relax a little, would ya?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mrsportiasmith says:

    OH I adore this Angela! And it makes me sad to think how fast time goes by…Addy is heading into second grade and I fear if I blink – she’ll be graduating too!

    Liked by 1 person

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